Monday, April 27, 2009

Mikes Planes in Yarram an Sale Area

About Me
Hi i have for many years collected photos of planes in the Yarram area,here are a few of them that interest me firstly is one of a Langcaster taken East Sale

A Mustang taxiing at East Sale
The next is a picture of Sabers,Wingeals,MustangsAfter that we move home to Yarram where we find a picture of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith landing in paddock near Yarram after that i have some photos of Ted Head an Bill Hempil who landed in Moores paddock near Yarram, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith belowTed Head an Bill HempilNow we move up a few years to Air Pageant at Parkside Yarram in 1950s
Above is Don Christerson an Les Wynne.
An now some photos of local planes.
These two planes were local on the left is Alf Hammit's an right Doug Leckie
This is one of the Victor Airtourer the Tralgon club used for training,above Alf Hammit starting .
Their are many more ultralights at the drome these day an owing to the fact I'm busy i don't get over there very often

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