Monday, March 12, 2012

Port Albert "Annie Taylor"

Annie Taylor
Description Wooden ketch of 103/96 tons .Built by E.Higgs formally Devonport Tasmania,2/1920
Lbd 88.0 x 22.5 x 8.0 ft, She was the last vessel of any size to be built at  Port Albert.She traded
out of Hobart an Victorian ports Master owner Edward John Taylor was loading timber ashore in a
gale at Rehab on Tasmanian east coast when she went ashore , wrecked 6th November 1923
Photo of Annie Taylor at Port Albert under construction
Annie Taylor at port 
Wreck site an building site(Port Albert)
Ketch Annie Taylor went ashore on the Tasmanian coast on Thursday evening last  an was declared a total wreck ,The marine surveyor  advised the under-writers that it was in bad way,and the ketch and her cargo are to be sold by auction "as is an where is" on Friday  

E Higgs with his eldest grandson taken at shipyard in

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mikes Planes in Yarram an Sale Area

About Me
Hi i have for many years collected photos of planes in the Yarram area,here are a few of them that interest me firstly is one of a Langcaster taken East Sale

A Mustang taxiing at East Sale
The next is a picture of Sabers,Wingeals,MustangsAfter that we move home to Yarram where we find a picture of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith landing in paddock near Yarram after that i have some photos of Ted Head an Bill Hempil who landed in Moores paddock near Yarram, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith belowTed Head an Bill HempilNow we move up a few years to Air Pageant at Parkside Yarram in 1950s
Above is Don Christerson an Les Wynne.
An now some photos of local planes.
These two planes were local on the left is Alf Hammit's an right Doug Leckie
This is one of the Victor Airtourer the Tralgon club used for training,above Alf Hammit starting .
Their are many more ultralights at the drome these day an owing to the fact I'm busy i don't get over there very often

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hawthorn Bank an History

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Hawthorn Bank is the oldest surviving wattle an daub house in Victoria an one an half kilometres from Alberton , first purchased by Robert Smith of Melbourne from the crown in 1851, he never lived there and sold it to Gilbert Brown in 1853 . In 1878 the property was owned by David Fraser it then sold to Charles Robertson 1896. in 1919 Flora Wilson was the owner . In 1967 the property was purchased by Michael & Robin Bland .

The building was built in the 1850s an they are not sure who built it but that is history of early ownership .the wattle an daub is a mixture of clay,water an sometimes cow dung an cow hair. the construction then was teatree in vertical position an horizontal weaving of small teatree mixed with daub an when finished was allowed to dry, white washed an there was the wall an as you can see has past the test of time , the roof in early times was bark but was later replaced with iron.

This is a Bread oven

The second section was built in 1878 an the front two rooms in 1887 the wattle and Daub was still in use as the kitchen in the 1960s The homestead has a great selection of tree's There is a Morton Bay fig which is around 60 ft,Monkey Puzzle,Blue Spruce,Norfolk island Pine, an there was a avenue of Colonial Pines right to Pound Road

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fishing an History Manns Beach

  1. The History an fishing history of people in Mann's Beach

Well i would like to say its all been good but far from it with the lack of foresight an action by governments they have let the place run down, i have fished these waters since 1950s an i can tell you the inside fisherman an there nets behind there speed boats have all but wrecked the fishing so anyone who wants fish go through the entrance an risk there lives, since the 70 when Mac Laughlans beach opened to the sea it has ruined Mann's an Carnies entrance as there is so much sand on the shift all the time ,the first 20 years i fished Mann's beach there were places you could go to an fish an they were there the next year an so on but now it changes from week to week The road was to be tared back in the 70 but the then shire decided to use the money for a round about at Port Albert an that was that for another 20 od years until this year 2009 it finally got tared right to the ramp which is good an one day they will finish the loop.

There have been a lot of people come and go , for 20 od years Fred Hammel an family ran a fishing charter business from Mann's Beach an he had a fairly big moulcraft boat business was that good he bought a bigger one an worked for a number of years.

He then got married had 2 children an moved away from Mann's Beach until his death ,another person who put a lot of work into Mann's Beach by way of the foreshore Comity was Les Wynne who had a drapery store in Yarram he would organise the speed boat races for the beach which were held at the beach or depending on tide over at Nicol's jetty.he an his sons both had boats an did a lot of fishing. Laurie Myer was another identity he first arrived in the 70s an stayer for a number of years eventually going to Welshpool an building a house there. the

The Gippslander after being launched
Mitchells,Bendalls,Dunlops,Mcleods,P Clark,L Wynne.J Wynne all had or have had house at Manns beach

Another local lived at the beach most of his life was Wally Hibbs an wife Jesse ,Wally was a fisherman an he would fish the old way run a net once a day across a gutter an he had the respect of most local fisherman for doing it that way . he also had a hire boat business which he ran for a number of years,boating can be dangerous as he found out one day when he went to start his boat Ajax an the fuel had leaked into the bilge ,on turning the key he was blown into the dingy behind the boat.

There used to be 20 or 30 boats moored at any one time but with one guy wanting insurance you can see what has happened , but as of now we have down at the beach a collection of tractors to put the boats in so at least the type of boat has altered an all are trailer type now